Cerita hangat-The Philipino Maid and the Special Boy (down syndrom boy)

I am a maid here.I work for a small family which are the parents in their early 40s and three children,two girls and a boy,aged 11,13 and 17 the boy is elder. The family is very nice to me,in fact too nice.

There is a reason for these and this is my story. Working here is easy,since its a small family my daily chores are over in 2hours daily and most of the time im free but i ave other..duties to do.

When i newly started work my madam told me that my main duty is to care for her son who is 'special'boy.I ave to feed him,bath,change his clothes and play with him.I find that he is quite a cheerful boy even if he is handicaped.

He is mostly in his room drawing or playing toys or naked playing with his 'ting',which is most of the time.At first i was shocked at his habit and i was shy.One day my mam told me about his habits and told me to not bother.

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