Three Cats Cronology -2nd year birthday

Adopted on 7th April 2007.

Name (from left to right) - Abang (brother), Kakak (elder sister), Adik (youngest sister)

History - 3 kittens was found in a box during rainy day, in front of a small shop in Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur. They are orphan kittens. Shop owner say, someone leave box in front his shop, and found 3 kittens inside. After rescued these 3 kittens, they are all nursing with bottle and kitten milk for few months.

So now, they are 2 years old. Been struggle and fight to live. It’s hard to see orphan kittens grew up until 2 years old without a mother since 10 days old. I’m proud of this 3 siblings.

For human who ever thinking to commit suicide, think again, appreaciate your life, you will never get it back again if you mess with it.

Picture above: The day I brought them home.

Picture above: Few weeks old.

Picture above: 1 year plus old
Born on 28th March 2007. (Estimated by the vet. It is good to have 1 date to celebrate their birthday, you must write down your cat date of birth )

Credit to:freakzter


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