Senyum Pagi

Perajurit Paling Berani
Tiga orang Jeneral dunia sedang bertanding keberanian tentaranya dan untuk membuktikannya masing masing jeneral memerintahkan salah satu prajuritnya untuk mengikuti arahannya :
1. Jepun
Jeneral : Prajurit maju sini
Prajurit : Siap Jeneral
Jeneral : Tangkap peluru yang saya tembakan ke tubuh kamu
Prajurit : Siap Jeneral
Peluru langsung ditembakan dan kerana jaraknya terlalu dekat maka si prajurit tidak dapat menangkapnya dan langsung mati.
Si jeneral dengan bangga mengatakan “lihat prajurit saya sangat berani dan siap mati”
2. Jerman
Jendral : Prajurit maju sini
Prajurit : Siap jeneral
Jeneral : Tangkap peluru dari RPG yang saya tembak
Prajurit : Siap Jeneral
Peluru meluncur cepat dan prajurit yang menangkap hancur berantakan
Si Jeneral sangat bangga dan bilang “prajurit saya lebih berani bahkan untuk menangkap bom RPG”
3. Indonesia
Jeneral : Prajurit maju sini
Prajurit : Siap Jendral
Jeneral : Sebrangi ladang periuk api dengan berlari cepat
Prajurit : Tidak mau jendral !
Jendral : Sebrangi cepat !!
Prajurit : Tidak mau jendral !
sampai tiga kali sang jeneral memerintahkan prajuritnya, namun tetap di tolak.
Si Jeneral berkata “Lihat prajurit saya yang paling berani¡­. perintah jendral langsung bisa dia tolak”
Job Interview
Reaching the end of a job interview, interviewer asked young engineer who was fresh from college,
” what starting salary you were thinking about?”
the young engineer said,
” around 100K per year, depending on the benefits package.”
interviewer said,
” well… what would you say to a package of 4 weeks vacation, 21 days paid annual leave, full medical and dental, company matching retirement fund to 50% of salary, and a company car leased every 2 years – say a BMW 3 series?
the young engineer sat up straight and said,
” wow!!! are you kidding?”
the interviewer replied,
” yeah, but you started it!! ”
Name: Ah Mei
Age: Still young
Sex: Never. Still under age
Religion: I only have experience praying my cat who dead 2 years before
Race: I love to race, how you know?
Nationality: I don’t like National, I prefer Sanyo
IC Number: 6735
Telephone number: House no telephone
Hand phone number: 3310
Address: Penang Jelutong
City: Nor Haliza?
Postcode: I never post anything
State: In my family, I am 2nd
Country: I love to travel to Canada
Marriage status: Secret
Email Address: Hotmail
Education Background: My teacher said not bad
Working experience: Last time got sell pirated VCD
Father’s name: Daddy
Father’s IC: You ask him
Mother’s name: Mummy
Mother’s IC: You ask her
Current Salary: Depends on my daddy mood
Expected Salary: As much as you can pay
When can start work: Depends on my mood
Highest qualification:Ya, very high
Grade: Ya, very high
College/University: College
Signature: Can I use chop?


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