Awaken in the night

Tina wasn't sure what woke her up, but as she opened her eyes and battled against adjusting them to the darkness engulfing the room, she saw something. There was a figure standing right beside her bed. As terror gripped both her body and mind she found herself unable to move. Her eyes focusing quickly in the darkness, she could now see that the unfamiliar figure standing next to her bed was a man.

He seemed to be completely naked and was stroking his penis, pumping it slowly up and down in his right hand. Tina didn't dare to take a breath and alert the nude intruder that she was awake. But it was too late. The sudden change in her breathing pattern let him know the second she became aware of his presence. Besides, he'd stood in her room watching her for a little while, at least long enough to get undressed and start masturbating. So his eyes had already adjusted to the low light level in the room and he'd seen when she opened her eyes.

He moved stealthily towards where Tina lay in her bed. She heard the coils inside the mattress creak lightly and felt the indentation on the bed where his weight compressed it with his knee. Tina felt like her heart was thudding out of control and it seemed to be trapped in the form of a lump in her suddenly very dry throat. The man didn't speak or seem to make any noise other than his knees pressing rhythmically into the mattress as he crawled towards her. As he continued moving closer to her across the bed, she could now see that he was wearing a dark colored ski mask to conceal his face. This fact only served to heighten Tina's fear and anxiety one hundred-fold, and seconds earlier she would've sworn it was impossible to be any more scared.

Aiding her current psychological terrorism was her persistent inability to move or form any sounds. From the sheer shock of the situation, she still couldn't hardly breathe, much less start to fight or let out a scream. As the naked intruder moved closer and closer to her, Tina felt like she was watching a train wreck about to happen in slow motion. Was she stuck in a bad dream? Some kind of nightmare? Yet as the man finally reached Tina and moved his hands over her bedding to remover the covers from her night gown clad body, Tina knew for certain she wasn't dreaming.

Her breathing became non-existent again as the man slowly ran his hands over Tina's body through her sheer light blue night gown. Her whole body tensed under his touch, but her braless breasts responded immediately as he gently touched her nipples, massaging them and drawing them into tight pebbly peaks between his fingers. He rubbed his hands along her body until he got to her thighs, stopping to caress them softly still through the nightie's fabric. He then lifted the hem of her sleepwear away from her body. He grabbed a handful of the material in each of his hands, then he completely ripped the thin garment in half all the way up to its neckline.

In shock, Tina let out a barely audible "eep" sound. She tried to steel her mind and concentrate on forcing more sound out of her still tense body. However, sensing her sudden change in mode, the man quickly moved his very large hand roughly over Tina's mouth. This action seemed to serve more as a warning and threat and he didn't actually hurt her. Tina's eyes widened in horror, especially as he used his other hand to pull the cap sleeves of her pajamas off of each of her shoulders. With a swift, firm tug he then pulled the tattered night gown completely from underneath Tina's body and tossed it on the floor. Then he quickly removed her panties still using his free hand and keeping his other hand firmly planted over her mouth. As he stripped away her last article of clothing, she felt as if he'd stripped away her final layer of dignity.

Tina lay there with her arms limp at her sides as the man lightly ran his fingertips over her completely exposed skin. She now felt like her body had turned into jelly and that she might black out. Any resistance she might have thought about putting up seemed to have melted away. She resolved in her own mind that she was going to be used by this stranger however he wanted to use her. Even still, Tina couldn't believe this was happening to her and in her own house, in her own bed. This was her marriage bed for goodness sakes! She closed her eyes and tried to relax as the man who was violating the sanctity of her home was now about to further violate her body. He was running his hand lightly along her inner thighs. Tina could hear his breathing becoming shallow and could tell he was getting more and more excited. He finally removed his hand from her mouth and Tina opened her eyes to see what he would do next.

The man stuck two of his fingers into his mouth through an opening in the ski mask. He then used one of his hands to pull apart her outer vaginal lips and moved his moistened fingers to rub them over her clitoris. She gasped at the sensation and was surprised to feel how wet she'd gotten between her legs. She shut her eyes tight, her face flaming in shame. How could she be enjoying something being forced on her like this? She couldn't deny her arousal as she could smell her own excited scent wafting through the cool night air.

She knew the man touching her body without her consent could smell and feel her arousal also. This only served to make her feel even more ashamed. "Please stop," she said weakly in an almost inaudible voice. Without any reply at all, she wondered for a moment if the man had even heard her speak. She geared herself up to speak again, when she felt the man remove one of his hands from her genitals. Next she felt him press one finger against her lips, bidding her to be quiet, while he simultaneously kept moving his fingers of his other hand in small gentle circles to stimulate her clit.

Tina felt that the fact that he wouldn't speak to her while he carried out this assault against her body somehow made the whole situation even more humiliating. He removed the finger from her lips and moved it to her vaginal entrance. Slowly he plunged his finger into her pussy, then began moving it in and out of her while he continued to massage her clit. He gradually increased the speed of his fingers' movements on her body. Soon Tina realized that she was nearing an orgasm. She didn't want this man who was violating her body to think she was enjoying his assault. She tried to think about something else, anything that would keep her from cumming. But just as she thought she could keep her orgasm from happening, her assailant added a second finger into her pussy. As he built his pace back up, this time Tina knew for sure she wouldn't be able to hold her looming climax back. She tensed her body up as much as she could to try and stifle it anyway.

Feeling her body stiffen, the man removed his fingers from her clit and bent over her. Before Tina knew what was happening, he replaced his fingers with his lips and tongue on her clit. With him licking and sucking on her clit while he continued to finger bang her, Tina came -- hard. She moaned quietly loathing both herself for cumming like that and her assailant for doing these things to her without her permission as she still felt her pussy contracting and clutching at the man's fingers.

Next, the man still clad in nothing more than a ski mask positioned himself between Tina's legs. Tina opened her eyes and watched as he stroked his dick a few times getting it good and ready to take her. Tina closed her eyes again, but could still feel the presence of the man hovering over her. He was poised to enter her and slowly he rubbed the tip of his hard dick over her clit. Tina found it irresistible and could not ignore the fact that she liked the stimulation. She was so wet she couldn't believe it. The man penetrated her, pushing into her entrance slowly. Gently he stroked into her, gliding his length in and out of her insatiably hot pussy. She couldn't resist any more and was moaning quietly and sighing with pleasure. She knew this was wrong and there was a knot of guilt forming in the pit of her stomach. She knew she could never tell her husband Roger about this incident.

Silently, she cursed Roger for being out of town on a business trip while some unknown man was attacking her. Though really, the way the stranger was taking considerate care of her body and focusing on giving her pleasure, it was really more of an art form than an attack. For nearly two hours, the man pleasured her in numerous positions causing her to orgasm multiple times. He licked her, teased her, touched various erogenous zones of her body and took his time doing all of these things to her. If it wasn't for the fact that he hadn't been invited into her home, Tina might have really enjoyed their sex session together. As it was, though she would probably never admit it to anyone, she was enjoying it.

With Tina having had yet another orgasm now in the doggy style position, the man began to thrust into her more briskly than previously. She could tell he was nearing his own orgasm. Tina wasn't sure whether to be repulsed or turned on, but simultaneously she was both. Soon, though he was still completely quiet, the man erupted into a major orgasm with liquid molten cum spraying Tina's insides, coating her vaginal walls with his seed. Some of the semen oozed out of her pussy onto her leg when the man finally gently pulled his deflating dick out of her.

The man was caressing her still protruding buttocks before he abruptly flipped Tina over onto her back. He flipped on the light switch and removed his ski mask. It was Roger! "I can't believe this. I've just been raped by my own husband," Tina said in utter disbelief, shaking her head slowly.

Roger smiled at her. "Surprise honey, I got home early from my trip to Phoenix. But I wanted to wake you up a little differently than usual. Aren't you glad it's just me though?"

Tina nodded her head yes, grateful that it really was only her husband who'd "taken" her in the middle of the night. It was a fantasy they'd both had for a while, but Tina didn't think they'd ever actually do it.


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