mystery Fuck

it wasnt romantac or anything. it was just a old fashion fuck. and i was the lucky guy. it was a hot fla. nite so i was swimming in the dark in the gulf. a sexy gurl who wasnt much older than me came in the water too and soon we were messing around together. nobody else was around so she said lets skinny dip and she ripped off her swimsuit. so did i. we got in the water and she was grabbing me again. this time i got to touch her bare tits and pussy. she grabed my dick that was the hardest it had ever been. we were standing in the water and she stuck her tounge down my throt wile i rubbed my hard dick aginst her leg. now she was kissing me real hard and grabbing my ass and i moved my dick between her legs. i want that too she said and we got out of the water and she fell on the sand with me on top of her. even though i never did this before i knew what to do. dick just nachurally knows how to get into pussy. we fucked rite on the sand. dam that pussy feeled good! then we washed off in the water. then she left and i never saw her again but i sure do want to fuck again. stuff like that when you’re 15


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