Basketball Ace

I had a real cool boyf (called Matt p.), who'd come over to my house almost every day. He was the cutest guy of our school, and he was 1.90m tall, for that he was captain in our school's basketball team.Most of my girlfriends were jealous, cuz he'd look so cute. There were just two called Carolyn and Shanya (my best friends) who felt happy for me, but only cuz they had great boyfriends themselves.Well anyway, at that time I had just turned 16 and he was almost 18. When one day he came over to my place, he had a present behind his back, which I knew was supposed to be for me. He gave it to me, and it wasa necklace with a ring, in which there was written "M & K" (my name's Kylie). I was so happy, I kissed him right on the mouth and it took about 2 minutes for us to calm down again. Though I was doubtful, because he'd been so nice to me all last week.Then we went to the theatres to watch "Something 'bout Mary". When we came out we laughed our head off, it was just so funny. Then he brought me home, and we kissed goodbye. An hour later when I just had come out of shower, he ringed me and said he wouldn't have time to come tomorrow, cuz our school's basketball team was playing against "Mt.Jackson's", a reaaaaaaaal good and snobbish school.Well he was playing, and he asked me whether I could come to watch it. I thought it would be fun seeing Mt. Jackson's lose, so I said yes.Next day in school, we wrote an exam, and I couldn't wait till school had finished to go to our gym.When we finally had finished, I went right to the gym, not even letting Shanya and Carolyn know where I was. I was lucky cuz I was pretty early, so I got a seat in the front row.Our team already played, to warm up. Matt played relly good, getting five baskets in just 3 mins.As it got 3pm, the game began.The other team had guys in it, which were the worst I've ever seen, but there was that guy (which I later found out his name was Alex) which pulled my attention. He didn't look bad at all.While they were playing, alex kept looking my way, as if I was some sort of alien. After 10 minutes time, ours had 3 baskets, and theirs had 4. Suddenly the whole hall went dark. Noone could see anything, and the coaches stopped the game. They told us that there was a black out. Both teams left the court. As I said, the hall was totally dark and people were just able to not bump in a person while trying to walk. I wanted to get outside cuz it was getting hot in there and after all, whatz the use watching a game when noone's playin!?!?!But I couldn't make my way to the door. Two hands grabbed my on my waist, two musculous hands which were swetty. I was sure it was matt who got me, so I just left his hands on my waist. I could feel his breath right in my neck, which turned me on.He gently pulled me aside, out of the door, into the room where all kinds of sport equipment was stored. I knew that he wanted to snog me right off, even doing more.He turned my face close to his, and then he kissed me. I bet everything, that this kiss was the smoothest and best he'd ever have given to me.It felt really strange, so different but simply great.Our kisses got stronger and high-spirited.Then he touched my tits, very gently though, and I felt my nipples getting hard. He then pulled off my top, and opened up my bra.He dropped it to the floor, and layed me down. It was so dark, I couldn't see a movement he was doing.I put my hand to his bib, slowly pulling it over his arms and head.He then opened up my skirt, unzipping it fully, and he put his hand right in my slip, gliding his finger in me. He fingered round quite a while, and I got high. I spread my legs to make it easier for him. He stimulated me in such a gently way, so good I was about to have an orgasm.Both of us breathed hasty.Then he took out his finger, and I think he moved it to his face, to smell my fragrance. He murmured softly. Then he undressed me fully, afterwards pulling of his shorts, making him naked too.Then he moved almost on top of me, starting to kiss me. He then went down my neck licking me. It made me so high, I reached out my hands for his cock to just touch it. His tongue moved to my tits, and he sucked my nipples, which got extremely hard.So did his cock while I was stimulating it.He gently moved his tongue down, down to my pussy. He separated both lips, which where glooming and started to tongue-fuck me, it felt gorgeous. I got my very first orgasm at that stage.We were getting so excited, and then he got his tongue out, licking up every drop of my juices which came out and ran down my legs. The whole room smelled like it, but it made us feel even higher.Then it was my turn.I got away from down under him to on top. I licked him, and then I put his 10 inches right in my mouth.I felt he was about to cum, but I didn't stop. I wanted to get every tiny bit.I think I got his climax there, cuz he started to groan, soft at first but getting louder every sec.He then fingered me again, moving his hand in and out of my clit faster and faster. I had my second orgasm.Then we both felt that we wanted it.He turned us up-side-down, me lying under him. He slowly moved his cock in, and I had to press my nails right into his back, not to start screaming.We groaned and moaned, and he went deeper and deeper. It didn't hurt at all, just a sec.Then we got our rhythm, we moved in a harmonic way. Up and down, down and up.When he got his cock out of my clit, he had to finger me again, because I couldn't calm down. Then he butt-fucked me. I think we went faster than ever. We both were squealing and screaming, groaming and moaning like hell.But this did it. He put his arm around me, and we started to fall asleep, being exhausted from all this.I think I had just lived the 50 most best minutes in my life. It was my first time, and I would never forget it.When it was about 3am, the lights turned back on. I woke up, because the store room was fully alight now.I turned round to kiss matt awake, when I froze.The guy I had the most wonderful time with was not my boyfrind matt, it was alex, the Mt. Jacksons capt!I gave a shout of surprise.He opened it his eyes and then smiled at me."Now, am I the best guy of the best basketball team in the world?"I frowned, but then I wispered:"Yes, you are. Thank god, that our team lost....the only team which won was us...u and i."Then we fell asleep again. In my dreams, I lived my whole life again, but instead of matt being my boyf, it was alex.It was the best time of my life.The next day I broke up with matt, and wanted to be with alex. But alex told me not to be dating w/ him, cuz his real girlfriend could kill him for fucking me. "Your real girlfriend?" I asked. I was shocked. "Sorry babe, thatz the way it is! Don't was just a one night stand!" I started running home crying, I told my best friend Shanya...she told me that I couldn't be dating matt anymore either...he went out with harriet h. the tit-monster I hated like hell. Well, today I have a better w/ him is even better than with alex. But still, I will never forget my first time!


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